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Originally Posted by MSG the place to be View Post
If you bought two tv's for 1k each and then I came and offered you 2k to go out and replace those tv's and I also threw in Rangers season tickets, would you do it?

I'll repeat - The Perfect Offseason. I'm just going by the premise of this thread. Which means I'm gunning for transformative excellence. You can wallow in your first place position. Oh, and btw, last year's #1 is now in 9th and last year's #2 blew up their team but made a humongous big mistake.
You do know that last year's 1 has been a 1 for multiple years right? Your post seems to imply they were around for about 1. They also got there not by building a team but by acquiring some all world talent and riding it as far as it could go without much D and G support. That's very different from our current team and "path". And last year's 2 was having widely reported locker room issues between coaches and players. Not to mention they signed Carter to a contract he apparently was not going to live up to. Then ACTUAL NAMEABLE assets became available and THEN they traded. They did NOT simply say "Oh assets? Assets? for our best two F? Wow let's do it! Random assets hells yea!" See the difference? No of course not.

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