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11-17-2003, 08:39 PM
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Schaefer, Smoke, Arvedson smorgasboard

Schaefer's awesome. I defended him last year after a pretty poor offensive year. He really causes crap out there, very fun to watch him. Excellent hustle and great along the boards, can play in all situations. A well rounded, relatively gritty and pretty consistent in the effort department. Very good trade.

As for Smoke, I think that we can count on him for a good 18-23 goals this year, which is pretty much what everyone should have realistically expected. He might be a bit 'pricey' by Ottawa standards but he did have 9 points in the playoffs, which is pretty damn good, and only 2 less than Arvedson's entire career (comparison: Smoke played 18 games, Arvedson played 52 games. That means that in 36 less games he almost equalled Arvedson's output).

And off on the Arvedson tangent, I dunno, we missed him early in the year while figuring out new PK units, but we seemed to have turned the ocrner (11th in the league?) PK wise, a stat that might even improve after tonight's good showing... at least on the PK.

I wouldn't be opposed to a move, as long as it didn't involve one of our core players... (off on yet another tangent)

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