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03-30-2012, 08:07 AM
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I posted this in the PGT, but I'll repost it here:

I liked that tough questions were asked, but all this really shows you is that these guys aren't really capable of playing word games with the media (for better or worse).

They could have come up with some contrived reason for failure -- be it true or false -- but I'm wondering if those would have been edited in this interview, since it seemed deliberately geared to try and paint a picture of failure and a culture content with failure.

I thought the Gus question was a little heavy. Gardiner and Kessel were very frank with straight up "I don't know/there is no explanation"-style answers, Dion's answer was a bit weasely but I do think he was including himself in the "individuals" that aren't playing up to par, and I don't know if I would qualify Schenn's response as apathy so much as having no idea what to say, especially since we all know if he did apologize people would say "Sorry isn't good enough."

I mean, what are the answers you wanted to hear? "I'm sorry"? "We were mentally weak this year but with some changes to shore up weaknesses we should be a contender this year"? "I'm playing like **** and I don't know why"? "I can't score goals because my linemate is injured and I've got Tyler ****ing Bozak as a centre"? "We got burnt out playing run-and-gun, and our coach refused to change the systems, and now we're trying to learn systems with a new coach and we kind of suck at it right now so we have no offense/transition game"? "We just aren't very good"?

Good questions, but I'd have liked to have heard from some different people, as mentioned. Guys who haven't been living up to par for most of the season, instead of guys who were good before the collapse (and, ostensibly, whose drop-off may be the reason for the collapse). Seems like he picked people he identified as potentially vulnerable (did he pick a single player who we've seen show microphone personality?) to try and get a headline or dumb quote.

-- The player targeting kind of annoyed me, too. Aside from Phaneuf, who isn't a great microphone personality but is an older guy, he picks on Gus with a brutal question, and then targets Kessel, Schenn, and Gardiner? I mean, maybe they were the only ones willing (or the only ones who gave answers he could work into his narrative), but... I'm surprised he didn't ask Connolly, or Armstrong, or Komisarek, or Liles, or Brown, or Steckel, or...

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