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Originally Posted by frackiewicz View Post
Do you bring your own puck(s)? Or do they have a bucket of pucks for people to use? If you bring your own, do you mark them so you can make sure to get them back? Or do people just take home the same number they bring with them, since pucks are pretty much interchangeable?

I've never done stick time before, just my hockey 101 class. So I don't really know what to expect. Is there any other etiquette I should know about? I know to stay away from the net when not shooting, but any other important stuff?
Sometimes they provide pucks, sometimes they don't. I usually bring a couple. Sometimes I grab the same number I came with, sometimes I forget. Since they're only a buck 25 I'm usually not devastated if I forget about them.

The etiquette is really just the obvious: don't get in the way of other people shooting, don't shoot when other people are retrieving pucks from the net, and don't be a jerk (i.e. don't skate in the middle of people who are passing to each other). Other than that there's not a whole lot to it.

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