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03-30-2012, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by MrVisser View Post
The players have a responsibility to the team, the team has a responsibility to the fans. Therefore the team addresses the fans, not the players.
What?! I don't even understand what you're trying to say.

We're not supposed to ask tough questions to the players, only ask tough questions to the team?

Get over yourself...these Leafs are as bad as the team two years ago that finished with the 2nd worst record...only reason that we're not in last or second last is that we had a strong start to the was clearly a mirage and even then there were obvious signs of trouble (worst PK, terrible in GA, etc...)

If these players...who for the most part have quite frankly, played like a bunch of AHL players, need to be shielded from the big bad Lance Brown, then they need to find a new career or a plane ticket out of Toronto right away.

What has happened to accountability in the world of professional sports? You and I are accountable in our jobs, so why aren't these athletes? I'm not expecting them to win the Stanley Cup, but I am expecting them to put 100% effort every single night. They haven't even come close to that and they're not being held accountable.

Fans are willing to give them a free pass time and time again...complaining that reporters are asking unfair questions...please...start playing with effort and you don't have to worry about criticism...

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