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03-30-2012, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Pinchy View Post
That's silly. Of course the Leafs need the media...if they just ban all media from the players, that will not stop articles from being written. The content will be even worse for the players and turn the entire city against them...

You can already hear how many fans are *****ing that Burke hasn't done an interview in weeks...imagine if every player was in the same position?
Nope, Leafs don't need the media at all. You see how all the reporters flock to get a quick sentence from our players to stick in their headlines? The reason for this is because the media are nothing without access to the Leafs because the Leafs are their bread and butter.

I'm sure we'll still see baseless articles written by the likes of Cox, Simmons and Feschuk but they were always worthless to begin with.

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