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03-30-2012, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by gee View Post
rogers as new part owner of mlse might not care too much. leafs still sell out but their poor performance drives people to the blue jays. a win - win from his perspective.
For sure, the faceless corporate shadow people will use a rake to collect their millions without a care in the world, but to see Joe Citizen boo the people that deserve it, that's priceless to me

Originally Posted by The Naz View Post
Some of you guys are whiny morons.

You want a tank because "its the only way" yet when we lose you want the frustrated players to give an orchestrated, oscar nominated plea for forgiveness complete with tears and unequivocal onus for all that is wrong with the team.

Don't expect ANY ufa signings for a few years. None of real significance anyway. More Armstrongs, less Brad Richards (not that we ever had that) until we win from within. The cost of that is losing. Face it.
No one is asking for forgiveness pleas, but something more than a gutless 7-1 home shellacking would do

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