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I flip really from nothing for 80% of the time for league/shinny, but will keep them in the bag so that if I find that the other team has phyiscal players rocking them, it gives me protection from their pads

incidental contact from a player with pads, usually doesn't hurt, but if it gets really physical in a "non-contact" league... well the ref isn't doing his job and you have to look after yourself

if its a really intense game and I know that going in, where there is a deliberate, but no intent to contact and where point men are firing through traffic to deflect the puck in... I'll wear some higher end pads

I still come from the old school of thought, where, let the goalie do the work and if I make a pass from a wing and am coming across behind the net, I'll duck... just common sence
I'm not playing anything that competitive and there aren't scouts in the stands

all in all, I notice the difference in my game from wearing even the 5030's, to let alone the higher end pads

jarick is right, the new pads are lighter and more mobile, more protective? not sure, but I think they took the science applied on those old bulky like Douglas pads and managed to figure truely where to apply what kind of density of foams and where you don't need to protect so much.

most the time, if its civil... I don't wear any and my fatigue is significantly reduced

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