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03-30-2012, 11:55 AM
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One drill we did that was very helpful was single leg pushes down the ice. Bend your knees in ready position, then push off one foot and glide, keep doing that all the way down. Really helps build the muscles and power. Do both legs.

Then do the same thing but going backwards, and instead of a forward push, it's an inside C-cut starting at the toe. Up and down the ice, both legs.

For the C-cuts, you can alternate legs going up and down the ice. Start knees bent ready position, then C-cut inside edge left foot. Your other foot should be off the ice, so all your weight on one foot on one edge. Then right foot. Left, right, left, right etc.

Last is the outside edge, which is the trickiest, but same thing. I found it's most helpful to have the foot across the body, i.e. right foot is going to be underneath the left shoulder or even further out. If it's right under you, you will lose balance. There's a component of lean and momentum here too, you can't just stand on your outside edge (unless you have awesome strength and balance). Gotta get going a bit, then work on those outside C-cuts. Left, right, etc down the ice.

^^^^ this was the most helpful thing I did all summer for this $200 clinic or whatever it cost. Everything else sucked but we had a guest instructor one day and we did these for 30 minutes and everyone hated them but I loved them and it made me so much more confident in my edges and skating. Shortly after I was able to do much tighter heel turns. Still need to work on tight power turns though.

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