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Given that they are employed unevenly across the league, I think analytics represent a fantastic competitive advantadge that could be achieved for what a NHL club like the Habs would consider pocket change, and I think the next GM would be an idiot not to invest in it.

And yes, hockey analytics do give us extremely valuable information. Notably, analytics are especially useful in helping us distinguish durable performance from streaks; a vital skill for GMs, in a field where overpaying for short-term past performance is a commonly-made mistake.

They are very different than in baseball precisely because the game is flowing and context is so important, but that does not make hockey unmeasurable. Really, the biggest difference between those who say hockey can't be analyzed and whose who used to say that baseball can't be analyzed thirty years ago is that the latter didn't have a sport X to point to to say "baseball is not like X".

There's a lot of research on analytics over the net, and I can't recommend enough that you look over and see. Some places I like: (formerly; Gabriel Deshardins is a venerable, terrifying authority on the subject and has done consulting work for teams) (excellent but sadly hasn't been updated in a while) (Habs-centric, in French, and the Habs' chances counter; I can't recommend this blog enough). (Habs-centric and the source of some excellent analysis) (Oilers blog; many of the analytics information out there originated in the Oilers' robust blogosphere) (mostly charts, but it gives you an idea of the amount of information collected)

There's other sites out there but these are a pretty good cross-section with a Habs slant.

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