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11-17-2003, 09:28 PM
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The best part of the site is the "Patrick Roy Interview". It's awesome.

Divealanche: What do you miss the most about the fans in Colorado?

Roy: I tell what I do not mizz. Dee smell and dee poor grammar. Ha ha! But I tell a storie. One day I am leaving dee Arena when one little boy he come up to tme wit a program and a plume and asked me to zign dee prgram. Normally I say, "Non." But den I notice dee plume, it iz very nice and dee boy he say , "Hey Patrick, you are dee best goalie dere ever waz and dere ever will be." And I said, "I know" and took his program and plume and signed dee program and gave it back to dee boy. I was so touched I still have dat pen somewhere in my Benz. Dat plume is tres bon.

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