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03-30-2012, 01:45 PM
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I have lurked on this board for quite some time now. I've enjoyed looking thru threads, searching for nyr & nhl news, and reading about how other fans feel. But, I never really felt the need to register and join the conversation until now. This OP is probably the best post I have ever seen on any sports forum.

As for this team, I cannot be more proud. The part at the end of the post where you said you want to see them win it for THEM, I cannot agree more. This team really represents what a "team" really means. A group of guys that play as a group. Its easy to see the special bond that they share and that they are ligitimate friends, not just teammates. They stick up or each other. They want to perform at the highest level for each other. They want to see each other succeed. Every player sacrafices their body without the slightest hesitation, from the grittiest of players to the finesse guys.

And then theres the coach. I know there are a great number of people that despise him. For these people, keep hating and nitpicking. Because he sure as hell doesn't care a single bit if everyone likes him or not. He only thinks about 1 thing. His team. Yes there were some growing pains during the beginning of his tenure, and there very well might be some more dreadful moments. But you cannot deny his perseverance, determination, and strong passion to stick to his guns and build this team the way he thinks is best. Its easy to joke on him at times and its almost unbelivable how someone can be so consistent. But this guy has laid out a plan, stuck with it, and this season we are finally seing the results. Not to mention, our future looks very bright. He has built this team from the ground up, through the draft, and through our own system. He hasn't given in to the temptation of abandoning our youth to jump start our lineup. (Sather deserves much credit here too, but I can't help but think Torts' has influenced his decision making in a great way.)

Torts has branded his style of hockey into each and every Ranger. And it starts with the captain. The emergence of Cally, the homegrown kid, the relentless scrapper, in my eyes has to be fate. It has to be fate for him and Torts to come together at this point in time. It is a perfect match and we are seeing firsthand how it is affecting this team. He is the heart and soul of this club and personifies every attribute that Torts would ever want in a player.

I am rambling a bit now, but to sum it up. I have major respect for this team. They have done a masterful job and should be proud of this season no matter the outcome. We have a lot to look forward to in the near future. Lets keep supporting this team, this coach, and the rest of the organization, hope that we get the important bounces when it counts... and BE PROUD OF THIS TEAM. LGR!

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