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03-30-2012, 01:49 PM
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As for being top seed none of us dared to dream and some even rushed to judgement that this was a bad team. LOL

Yet A large portion of this HFNYR board has recognized our upward arc. Even when we missed the PO's that year we recognized the template was there to only get better. Last season confirmed the suspicion for me and for many that this core of hockey players was truly unique and capable of special things. Experience, defensive awareness, sacrifice, work ethic AND enough skill in guys like Dubs, Cally, Artie and Stepan coupled with elite play from gabs and hank. Then we signed BRich.

Now we've all been hoping that between (At the time) Stepan, Werek, MZA, MDZ, Sangs, McD, Horak, Hagelin, Bourque that there'd be 3 or 4 guys ready to step up. Really for McD, Stepan and Hagelin i think it was 100% expected. but to add to it thanks I think in large part to the system built around them hagelin and McD were able to again mix pure athletic talent and no small amount of skill with the balls to the wall attitude of the rest of this team and vastly overachieve. Stepan has also more than lifted his share of the burden. Guys like Prospal, Prust and Boyle certainly helped while gab temporarily had his head screwed off but obviously got it back on right this year. These guys became brothers plain and simple so they bust themselves open for each other and for us. One of my all time favorite teams right here.

Hank was a given. The skaters finally became worth more than a groan and a beer launched across the room

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