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03-30-2012, 01:52 PM
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Bumping this.

I see I've been benching wrong. Haven't had my weight on my shoulders/traps like a lot of the videos of folks who know what they're doing (Dave Tate, Mark Rippetoe) teach. And that should help get a lot more power. Which is good because I've been stuck ~110 with shoulder pains. Looking forward to trying this tonight, being able to use more of a "total body" bench than purely arms.

Also watched some squat technique videos, I think my upper body is too upright. I'm going to get a cheap video camera tonight and record my form so I can compare it to what it should be.

Lastly I've been doing some sumo deadlifts lately and they feel a lot more comfortable than regular. Did some technique adjustments last week and feels much better, much more a hamstring and hip exercise than before.

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