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03-30-2012, 02:01 PM
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btw, basketball has pretty much taken over for baseball in statistical analysis. At the recent MIT conference on sports analytics most papers were on basketball and there's tons of other good papers published every month. So, when you work at it, it's quite evident you can do statistical analysis in flowing sports team. That said, hockey is different but I'm finding it "easier" to analyse even than basketball.

Lots of good posts here but like MathMan said, statistical analysis being done now by NHL teams is so basic. Goals, Assists, +/- and other basic stats that don't explain much. A team could gain a huge competitve advantage if they gave analytics a shot.

Analytics at the moment will at least help you optimize your lineup, matchups, project future players performances, draft and so on.

Also, in any field where luck plays a large role. Hockey being one, since either game results, drafting and so on involve luck. Decision-making analytics tell you that you should have as many independant sources as possible. So a stats analyst would only help and be involved in the process.

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