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03-30-2012, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
I watch plenty of hockey in general. I watched as Columbus wanted Gardiner as the centerpiece for Nash, and we scoffed at it.

If your assessment of Schenn's career potential was a 3rd pairing defenseman, you were not spot on in your assessment. You always seem to eat crow.

What they are in their rookie season is not where they play, it's how they play.

Nobody thought Bozak was a #1 center after his rookie season, and he didn't play as many games as Gardiner. His career potential is 2nd/3rd line center, pretty close to what people thought.

Reimer was seen as a #1 goalie after his first season, and his career potential is #1 goalie. Hilarious that people think 37 games as an above average goaltender means less than 34 games as a below average goaltender, in a season in which the large majority of NHL goaltenders struggle and a season in which he had a concussion 5 games in.

The Leafs have plenty of depth. Things just didn't work out this year. It happens.

You're not being a realist. You're being an eternal pessimist.
A centerpiece? Don't get ahead of yourself pal, lol

I wasn't spot on? Schenn is the new whipping boy now. How far off am I on that? He's terrible. The new car smell has worn off.

You're a total deluded optimist if you think Reimer is good, that's all I can say about that.

The Leafs do not have depth though. Take that back. The Leafs are a team that if one player goes down it's a lost season. That is not depth.

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