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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Bumping this.

I see I've been benching wrong. Haven't had my weight on my shoulders/traps like a lot of the videos of folks who know what they're doing (Dave Tate, Mark Rippetoe) teach. And that should help get a lot more power. Which is good because I've been stuck ~110 with shoulder pains. Looking forward to trying this tonight, being able to use more of a "total body" bench than purely arms.
feel free to include the videos you watched in here. dave tate is especially good. rippetoe kinda just gives very basic advice. he's really not a bench expert.

Also watched some squat technique videos, I think my upper body is too upright. I'm going to get a cheap video camera tonight and record my form so I can compare it to what it should be.
upright body is not bad, and really should only depends on the position of bar (see picture below). it is possible you are using LBBS cues while setting up for a HBBS. do post videos.

Lastly I've been doing some sumo deadlifts lately and they feel a lot more comfortable than regular. Did some technique adjustments last week and feels much better, much more a hamstring and hip exercise than before.
personally i hate sumo dls, so it could just be my bias. however a regular dl should be a LOT more of a hip exercise, simply because the sumo starts at a point much closer to hip extension than a regular one. one cue that will help you "feel" it in your hips during regular dls, is "fire the glutes" at lockout. you really gotta engage the hamstring and the butt at the top of the lift because that's the last muscle group that can finish the lift. your legs are already straight, your quads can't contract any further.

another disadvantage of the sumo IMO is lower torsion forces on your back (because it's a lot more upright), which sorta robs you of the erector/lats gains that many beginners see when they finally do heavy dl pulls.

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