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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
Using this as a jumping off point...

This probably won't be a popular suggestion since many people dislike the umbrella... but I think it might make sense in the Stars' current situation.

We have a fundamental lack of defensemen who can contribute with the man-advantage. Souray can't get his shot through, Robidas makes mind-numbingly bad decisions and can't get his shot through, Daley's ceiling is as a 2nd unit guy and can't hit the net with his shot, and Larsen isn't trusted by the staff yet. So that leaves Goligoski who isn't playing well.

Part of his problem is he tends to get a little jumpy near the boards when he's trying to hold the zone. He's at his best when he's got some open ice to work with and better shooting angles. How would he respond if he was the unquestioned tip of the spear, as Razor would say? Put him in a situation where he can't defer to anyone or act tentative. He needs to feel complete ownership of the PP -- he's got to the be the director out there and fully embrace that role.

Then there's the problem of Benn getting 30 useless seconds of PP mop-up time with such offensive luminaries as Ott and Burish. Get him on the damn first unit. It's Game 77 or whatever. Abandon the bankrupt lines approach. Load it up with our talent and keep them out there as long as they can go.

I'd also move Ribs around. He tends to get too comfortable on the half-wall and ends up killing more time than he generates chances. Put him further down low where he can potentially find Goligoski at the point back through the seams for a one-timer (they have a good feel for where each other will be) or alternatively to Ryder on the other angle. Loui's got the front of the net and he can drift in and out. Keep Benn fairly high (but not at a point) so he can potentially get back and help out defensively if need be.

That's what I was kind of thinking of in the illustration. Goose is solid enough defensively to be okay, and Benn's got enough speed to catch up in case anything gets past.

Benn and Ryder (the two best shots) are in great shooting positions and can still be mobile, and Goligoski could get one-timers off if Benn and Ryder end up being covered. All three are very accurate, so there's not much of a problem there.

Don't need to worry about Eriksson much. As for Ribeiro, I think it would need to be stressed that he can't run it, especially not from there. If he doesn't have a pass, just toss it up to Benn and let those three run it. That's a much safer and stronger option.

What you said is exactly what I was thinking of, just a lot more detailed (and better). I also wouldn't be opposed to leaving Benn out there for the full 2 minutes, or at least as long as he can for this season (not through playoffs yet, though), and then incorporate Smith (or whoever else) into next season.

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