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Originally Posted by Roke View Post
There's no salary cap on front office operations. For less than what Georges Laraque cost the Habs they could probably put together an elite stats department to compliment the rest of the organization. As with scouting they'd get things wrong, but having another perspective within the organization probably wouldn't be a bad thing
This would be a very intriguing experiment. If such a staff could create models which were effective, the savings from not signing a bad UFA could more than justify their expense.

Back when I played high school hockey-when dinosaurs roamed the earth-I distinctly remember a hit which altered my (and a few other players) play that couldn't be quantified by any metric of which I'm aware. (The change in play could be quantified but the reason behind it couldn't be. Not in any standard manner.)

In a game early in my senior season, a guy (who will appear in a linked video), charged from the blue line in full stride, left his feet and knocked out about 3 or 4 teeth of one of my teammates. I had a tendency to hold on to the puck a bit more than a should have (I guess I would now call myself a puck possession forward). After seeing this hit, for the rest of the game-and every time I played against this guy thereafter-my style abruptly changed from puck hog (I mean puck possession) to passing teammate (I mean 'dump and skate away'.

Intimidation can't really be measured, but it's very real. A lot of players won't go into the corners as zestfully or as often as they should do to fear. From lower level hockey to the NHL. Quantifying stuff like this is beyond the realm of micro stats, imo.

And here's my former tormentor. R.I.P. He was one scary dude. LOL

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