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Originally Posted by Poulet Kostopoulos View Post
I'm actually surprised that no one went "that far" yet. I'm far from being an expert on the subject but it seems to me that the important ingredients are simply time and computational power.
if a team actually gave it time and ressources ... like someone said earlier, only investing the equivalent of BGL's salary on an analytics team ... I'm pretty sure would get pretty far and early. Problem is, there's very few teams who have interest in the subject.

Professors I have talked to who have made research on stats analysis in hockey have had no interest from NHL teams. Most teams don't even bother reading the reserach paper in the first place. So, most of them won't bother wasting their time on doing research in that area.

Other sports have been much more open to it. Most notably basketball. Teams like Dallas, Houston and Boston, among others have been open for different ideas. I believe it has an impact as far as people being much more interested in developing new ideas for analyzing basketball since they know their reserach will be taken into consideration in one way or another.

Though NHL executives aren't stupid by any means, far from it. Most of them don't have trainning in computer science, stats and whatnot. For them it must be pretty new being exposed to the idea that stats may actually help you in decision making since throughout your life in hockey, you learn that stats are as useless as they come.

NHL Owners don't seem to be too involved in decision making either on the hockey side either. For the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cubban pretty much oversaw the implementation of analytics for his team. The implementation part is probably the toughest part to get through for analysts since you may have all the best research in the world, but if it's not used by NHL teams, there's no way they'll have any proof the **** works.

Originally Posted by Roke View Post
If I finally get a PVR for next season and some free time I think I might end up counting something along either lines for the Habs since scoring chances are already being tracked. I'm not even sure if it's feasible without a lot of spare time given the speed of the game.
that would be the problem for most people unless you work for an nhl team, you need tons of free time to do this type of thing by hand. There are softwares now available that may help you build much greater samples at a faster rate. I believe there was a project at UBC of students who build a software that could track the puck, player position on ice and whatnot off video information.

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