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03-30-2012, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by tbcwpg View Post
First off, just saying that I'm a Jets STH but I also do like the Canes, anyone who beats the Oilers in the SCF has my gratitude for life

Second of all, the "Canadian media", at least the large outfits, don't say anything about the "south doesn't deserve hockey" debate, apart from maybe Don Cherry, who's an entity unto himself. There are some regional broadcasters that might bring it up from time to time, or some, I'll be nice and call them "traditionalist", fans that say that, but the media largely stays away from it. Last season when Nashville played Vancouver in the second round, CBC couldn't stop praising Nashville, and when the Jets were in Nashville last weekend, they said the same thing. In fact, even amongst the sunbelt teams, I think Nashville and Carolina are considered great markets.

I think the stereotype of the "arrogant Canadian media" is just as bad as the "south is no good for hockey" stereotype. Both are ridiculous. They come from small sources and explode into something bigger. It's like saying that an article on FOX News about Canada and football is saying that "American media hates us". People cherry pick negative articles, which might represent 4 or 5% of articles written in Canada about hockey, as that Canadian media and Canadians in general hate hockey in the south. It's not the prevailing attitude.

I think this rivalry that many of you thinks exist between the teams and their fans is a bit one sided. The teams might not like each other but I don't think any Jets fans have a problem with Carolina. I'd say that Washington gets the lion's share of our divisional hatred
I have no hate towards Winnipeg, I hate the bolts more then anyone in the division... Early on in the season I was over at the Jets board rooting for them but because of time issues and other things, it became harder to follow them. I'm glad the city has a team back... I just wish the sterotypes would end....At the end of the day, alot of people love hockey and as someone who lives in a state that doesn't have a team anymore... I just wish people enjoyed what they have and leave the BS out.

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