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03-30-2012, 05:14 PM
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I own one. My opinion:
- light and well balanced
- very durable, kevlar wrap seems to work well, I was very hard on mine and it never broke. Can't say enough about its durability, especially since it's a pretty light stick
- range of lies per curve is awesome, general curve selection is great
- plays significantly softer than rated, I got a 75 flex and it's the whippiest 75 flex I've ever owned or used. I think it whipped out a bit with time too
- didn't like the puck feel, think Bauer Vapour, on the pingy side
- shaft feels small in my hands, even compared to something like a Vapour. Between the small shaft, and the whippier than rated flex, for me it felt like it was somewhere between a senior 75 and an intermediate
- I felt like it opened up when I shot, I feel like my accuracy suffered with the Base stick. Could have just been that it was too whippy for me though, it's the only stick where I really got the "wet noodle" feeling. Maybe an 85 flex would have been better, even though I prefer a 75/77 with most sticks
- Overall wrist shots were fairly good, slap shots fairly bad, and in general the stick just felt . . . I don't know, insubstantial. Mostly due to the shaft shape/size and whippy flex

I no longer use it, overall wasn't a huge fan. Some strong points, but still some kinks to work out, would rather get a high end Bauer/Easton/Warrior on clearance, as Jarick suggested. I would rate it significantly below other high end sticks I've used, like the Bauer one95, Bauer X50, Easton SE16 and Warrior Dolomite.

Should be noted that I bought mine awhile ago (a year ago I think?), when they were reasonably new to the market. They could easily have changed/tweaked their sticks since then.

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