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03-30-2012, 06:40 PM
Not so fast,
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I can't believe it, I actually got an outside edge today - and NOT the one I expected to get! I've spent so much time trying to do the left skate, but the right one is the one that worked for me.

I was doing an 8-pattern around one of the face-off dots, trying to make the turn by only using the edges, not by pushing or anything. All of a sudden I could feel the edge of the right skate actually cutting into the ice and I started to turn, so I did a few more and sure enough, there it was! I alternated with the left and right and got the right consistently, the left still didn't feel like it was really cutting into the ice as much.

I stopped by the store and get the inserts today. They did make my skates feel different, we'll see on Sunday if they make a difference on my left foot. It's only the left foot where it goes inward, I don't have the problem on the right. Since I did get the edge on the right, I'm thinking maybe that is a big part of the issue, I simply can't 'roll' my left foot out enough to catch the edge while my right foot is ok with that.

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