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03-30-2012, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Capitlols View Post
He needs to cherrypick more so we can spring him on breakaways.

Originally Posted by QuadrupleDeke View Post
He doesn't actually put any pressure or bend on the stick at all. He twists the whole stick so it looks like there's a heavy load on the blade, causing it to bend backwards. It's a pretty subtle little move that allows him to deke it out wide quickly afterwards (which he would be unable to do had he put any bend on the stick).

But yeah, first goalie to not react is going to have a pretty easy time with the resulting dekes... unless he's got a second deke for when the goalie doesn't move that we've just never seen before, since he's never had to use it.
He tends to go to the left (backhand-forehand) instead of the right (forehand-backhand) if the goalie reads it better. He even did it on Thomas as he dove/fell over to the right after biting on the shot.

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