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Originally Posted by Splitbtw View Post
This. I went from a sakic to a drury and found a lot more positives than negatives. Toe drags and more fancy stick handling is harder but everything else feels much easier. Catching passes and gives passes forehand and backhand are much easier. Once I learned to keep shots low, slap, wrist and snap shots became harder and more accurate. As others said, once you get it, it becomes much easier to lean into a shot.

The biggest thing is keeping the blade face closed when you want it to act like a closed blade. Otherwise, over the net you will go.

Edit: One-times have also become much easier to have a solid connection with.
for the sake of backhands, I prefer having a flatter blade with a heel or mid curve

but it is without a doubt that many pro's like using massive toe curves... doesn't hurt spezza's or ovechkins's game

I also think some d'men use an open face to get the puck up to the glass quickly

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