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03-30-2012, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Sore Loser View Post
Grew up when hockey wasn't the "in thing" in Columbus, but the folks that did play were dedicated and loved the game. Started out playing roller hockey at Sportsite on Henderson Rd. (no longer in operation, sad), and moved on to ice hockey at around 12-13 years old. Played house league with CAHA, and at one point skated with a AAA selects team from the house league as a bantam. That was my highest level.

As a 16 year old, partially tore the ACL in my right leg, and after that season, never played competitively again. Today, I play B league rec hockey here in Spokane, and I'm proud to say that I am possibly the best defensive forward in the entire area. I play center (as I always have since around 14 ... started out as a defenseman); I pride myself on winning 70% of my faceoffs on a regular basis, being the quickest player on the ice, and making sure that the other team's best players don't leave the rink in a good mood ... or, at least, with no points . On top of being so good defensively, I did score 35 goals in the league a couple of years ago, on a 25 (or so) game schedule.

In retrospect, I was probably a better player when I was younger than I thought I was. I had been invited to an open tryout with the OHL, an honor only bestowed to a handful of kids from our area, but I didn't end up going for whatever reason.

I play for fun, competition, and the camaraderie that comes with spending time with the boys. My fondest memories are of heavy losses that brought us together for thrilling wins (including one championship season that I'll never forget). I'm 27 years old now, have two young daughters, and can't wait to teach them how to play hockey.
I'm excited for the day A comes back to Columbus so I can say I play B instead of C haha.. right now it is B, C, C2, D, and E.. makes no sense.

It sounds like injuries killed all of our dreams of going pro! Not fair.

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