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03-30-2012, 08:36 PM
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First and foremost there are no stupid questions; everyone had to start from the beginning.

I would check with your rink to see if they provide pucks or not. I like to keep a couple of pucks in the bag; as well as a weighted puck. If they do not provide pucks, just pick up as many pucks that you brought at the end of the stick/puck session. Generally, it works on the honor system, but there may be some that take home pucks that are not theirs.

I would also check with the rink in regards to what equipment is necessary/required for stick/puck. In my area, full pads, gloves, helmet are required; no exceptions.

As far as etiquette goes; just use your common sense. If someone is getting pucks out of the net, don't take a shot on net. Keep your head up while shooting and skating; some stick/puck sessions get somewhat crowded. I like to get to the rink early enough to get dressed so that I can maximize the entire stick/puck session.

Have fun at stick and puck!

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