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03-30-2012, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by RememberTwice View Post
whether he's a pompous ass or not, feshuk is right about what he wrote. phaneuf has the right tools to be captain but isn't using them correctly. being a captain isn't just about on-ice responsibilities, includes off-ice as well and the fact that he missed out on that sundin event is definitely un-captain like. especially for a storied franchise like the leafs. i love phaneuf, but he has a lot to learn if he wants to be a great well-rounded captain.
How is Phaneuf alone going to change the fortune of the team now?

Is he suppose to strap the pads on and make saves?

Is he suppose to score all the goals?

Articles like this are such BS cause they make it out to seem the captain should have some magic power where at the drop of a hat he can change the mentality of a team or make some the people around him more talented.

Is Dion a perfect player? No.

Is Dion an ideal captain? Maybe not.

But he's had absolutely no help in the matter of leadership with this team.

Cause A - The two assistants Armstrong and Komisarek have been so poor this year they have been healthy scratches most nights.

And B - No veteran or mentor was brought in to help him along(Like Roberts was for Mats). When Tim Connolly is your most seasoned player there's probably going to be an issue with leadership.

Those issues lay at the feet of one man, The Manger.

So people(media and some fans) need to stop blaming the lack of talent of about 10-12 of the other players on Dion's leadership.

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