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Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
It doesn't compare with the divisional rivalries, but I hate the Canadiens and their fans with a passion. I always get a kick out of beating the Habs.
IMO the Canadiens are one of the great franchises of the past in all of sports and i do respect what they brought to the game, at one time.. I personally do not hate the Habs or their fans.. I do however resent their fans at times because they think because they may have had great teams 50 year's ago they know more about the game than the rest of us. I can appreiciate your loyalty to your team and the acomplishments from your past , but it's also time to start realizing that was along time ago and those days are never coming back. And yes right now, IMO the Canadiens because of the lack of Passion-heart and guts their the worst team in hockey.

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