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03-30-2012, 10:49 PM
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When Dion Jumped Brayden

I know nobody listens to Greg Brady anymore, but I tuned in briefly this morning as I was driving to work and heard him discuss this crazy theory.

He said reliable sources have told him that the Leafs have dressing room problems and Brady thinks this is the reason for the collapse. I know this has been discussed on here before.

Brady thinks the root cause of it all is a feud between Dion Phaneuf and Luke Schenn. The crazy part is he said it was obvious that this feud was the reason Phaneuf jumped Brayden Schenn last night!

Brady then said it was time Leafs fans 'connected the dots' and that he is certain Phaneuf and Schenn won't be on the same team next year.

What do you guys think?

From afar, it seems Ron Wilson and Schenn didnt get along. Phaneuf was probably loyal to Wilson as the coach made him captain. Its rumoured Aulie was traded because of a rift with Phaneuf. Schenn and Aulie are the same age and from Sakatchewan, seems natural they'd be buds.

This might seem like a soap opera. But it might also be an important riddle that needs to be solved before the Leafs can figure out how they turn the ship around. It would almost be encouraging if a solvable dressing room feud was what caused the collapse.

Here is the link where Brady makes the allegations. I know its hard to listen to the guy for longer than 10 mins, fortunately he pretty much starts into it at the beginning and gets more into it for about 10 mins. Then I had to turn him off.

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