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02-23-2006, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by technophile

I'm playing at Chap. I was at the New Player Skate Tuesday, I couldn't make the 7:30 so I ended up at the 9pm, surrounded by a bunch of A/Bers... Exciting stuff.

Have you been taking the Learn to Play classes over at Northcross?

Cool! I haven't taken that class yet but I'll be there this Sunday. The guy's name is TJ that teaches that, right? The UPS box just came with most of the rest of my gear...actually my helmet hasn't come yet...hmm. I'll be going to those classes every Sunday starting either this week or next.

I went to the 7:30 skate on Tuesday. First time I'd ever been in any kind of scrimmage. It was killer. Loved it. My skating has to get a lot better. I was keeping up speed-wise but the little stuff like stopping and making quick adjustments gathering the puck - that kept me from going into places I wanted to go. I was on the ice for 2 of our goals but I was only a decoy. Made a couple nice passes. I got freight trained by a guy who I think was on my own team...he had a colored jersey and for some reason he was playing on our team (at least most of the game - maybe he just started going wherever he wanted to go). I still haven't figured that out. haha. It didn't hurt at all. With all that gear on it was like laying down on the sofa. And I learned to never go easy when contact is imminent.

By the end of the game my legs were like jelly but I kept plugging away. I was beat because I skated at Northcross for 2-3 hours that afternoon practicing the hockey stop. I've almost got it.

Anyhow, my name is Lance. I'll catch you up at Northcross this Sunday or next. I'll probably be wearing a dark red CCM practice jersey. Maybe we'll end up on the same team.

How did you play in your scrimmage?

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