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02-23-2006, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnGalt
Cool! I haven't taken that class yet but I'll be there this Sunday. The guy's name is TJ that teaches that, right?
Yeah, TJ's the class instructor; there's also (the last month or so) an assistant named Uwe (pronounced OOH-vah). TJ's really cool; a couple of weeks ago he actually strapped on the goalie pads (he's not half bad, either). The last few classes have been crazy busy (30+ people showing up), so they're limiting the class to 25 people. It should slow down again once the season starts, though; there were times in the fall when we only had 8-10 people show up.

I'll be going to those classes every Sunday starting either this week or next.
I'll be there next week, but I probably will have to take a break from the classes for at least a bit; money's a little tight and my wife was skeptical enough about just playing in the league.

I went to the 7:30 skate on Tuesday. First time I'd ever been in any kind of scrimmage. It was killer. Loved it.
You'll like the class then; the last 15 minutes is a scrimmage (though if there's nothing after the class, and there usually isn't, they'll let us play for half an hour or more).

By the end of the game my legs were like jelly but I kept plugging away. I was beat because I skated at Northcross for 2-3 hours that afternoon practicing the hockey stop. I've almost got it.
Ha. It took me about 6 months of skating to really "get" the hockey stop -- and I still can't do it facing left at all. Need to practice that, but I don't get as much ice time as I'd like.

Anyhow, my name is Lance. I'll catch you up at Northcross this Sunday or next. I'll probably be wearing a dark red CCM practice jersey. Maybe we'll end up on the same team.
I'm Eric -- usually wearing a home Blues jersey.

How did you play in your scrimmage?
It was a tough skate -- I'm nowhere near the skating level of those A/B players. The speed especially was tough to get used to. I should have had a pair of breakaways, but I flubbed catching the pass on the first and I was just completely out of steam on the second and had the puck stripped by a backchecker. Didn't get a shot on goal at all. I did play all right defensively--stopped a pair of 2 on 1 breaks, blocked several shots, and between the goalie and I managed to stop a 3 on 1 break as well, so I felt good about that.

Of course I don't even know if any C captains stayed for the 9pm skate, so it may not have mattered at all.

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