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11-18-2003, 03:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Lundyfan
While I agree he needs to be careful and not get overworked, Dunham has a history of being injury prone. I just hope it's not starting up again.
So far this season the only time Dunham has come up lame is after playing back to back games.

So what does the idiot Sather do? Plays him in back to back games and make stupid sarcastic comments in the papers. Good way to alienate your starting goalie.

"It's possible, but I can't theorize on what happens," he said. "I can't use the magic word, 'psychosomatic.' If a guy tells you he's hurt, he's hurt. It doesn't matter what the reason is."

"He only played two periods (against the Devils), so it shouldn't be that tough," Sather said. "He's worked hard all summer, he's in good shape, he stretches, and he takes good care of himself. Many goalies play in back-to-back games."

Way to go you arrogant moron.

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