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11-18-2003, 05:03 AM
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Originally Posted by CREW99AW
Jonnson plays on the nyi 1st pairing.Has for the last 2-3 yrs.

Isles have solid #5-#7 d-men in Martinek,Butenschon,Timmander and need for another.
I've always got the impression that Jonsson was the #4 guy on the Island, behind Aucoin, Hamrlik and most recently Niinima. Now, I'm going a lot on what I saw in the playoffs. If he's actually higher, then what would be the order on d-man core? Who of those other guys mentioned would you put above him?

And again, I don't share the same opinion on the Islanders 5-7 guys. I think the weakness there was a big reason why you lost in the playoffs. I also think that Pothier is better than the rest of those guys, from what I've seen, which is why I think he's well suited to the Islanders.

As for my comments on Jonsson's injury history, it's just that concussion injuries are the most likely to haunt a player, and are very unpredicatable, which is why I think it does lower his trade value. You guys have pointed out that he has played 70+ games the past two years. What type of injuries were they? Were they unrelated to his concussion history.

This is where my assumptions come from. I could very well be wrong on my assessments. If I am, let me know. If I'm more or less correct on my assessments (that Jonsson is a #4 guy, that the 5-7 is a weakness, etc.) then I still think it would be a fair deal, if the Islanders were looking to trade him.

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