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03-31-2012, 08:37 AM
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UNB is in very good shape up front, unless there are players who choose not to come back. I don't see that happening, but it could. Clendenning, Campbell, Todd and Nesbitt come to mind.
Bailey,Lee and Lynes are done, although Lynes still has another year of eligibility left.
Bailey is the big loss up front, but that opens up more ice for a skilled forward or two on the pp and pk. He logged a ton of ice, especially on the power play, were the team struggled to find success.
The coaching staff seemed reluctant to find another recipe on the pp and continued to go to Bailey over and over it seemed. I think recruiting some size and skill up the middle would be a priority.
It's the backend that will need serious attention. Losing Gallant, Harty, Stamler are big holes to fill.
Puck movers, with size, speed that were always tough for the opposition to play against. Especially the physical upside of Harty and Stamler. They want to hope that Wright returns!
This would leave them with Desnoyer and three other core D-men: Wright, Kidd, Shutron, who have all had difficulty staying in the lineup due to injuries. They will need depth at this position.
Corcoran is also rumored to be done. He played well and comes with size and toughness, a good depth player. We never saw enough of Chad Denny to see what kind of player he can potentially be?He does know their systems, since he spent the year here, a heavy shot, but speed would be the biggest concern for most fans. He can also play the role of a winger and has that experience at the pro-level. He should get the opportunity to play next year.
Goaltending is in good shape if Fully and Lacosta are back. If Fullerton leaves, then a goaltender is with size should be a priority.

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