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03-31-2012, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Frankc View Post
Funny to see that people doesn't want Damphousse based on fact that he got no experience.

So what ?

The last great GM Montreal had was Serge Savard... the guy played his last game in NHL in 1983 for the Jets... then a few weeks later was named Montreal GM. He was also the GM for the farm club that won the calder cup in 85 before Habs winning stanley cup in 1986.

GM is not about experience, it's about being smart and having a lot of hockey knowledge. A lot of GM had no experience but did great things.. Yzerman the last on that list. His trade history so far is very impressive, but definitely missing a goalie...
Lamiorello, had no experience at all before naming himself GM in 87 (after being named President of the Devils). Mike Gillis had no experience as GM either.

Not saying Damphousse is the best pick, just saying that experience is not everything... Best proof is Brian Burke...

Even us, fans, knew when Gauthier was making a mistake, and we don't have any experience as a GM to know that we got ****ed up when we trade McDonaugh, or when Gauthier gave 1.75m for Campoli... etc..
At least Yzerman put together a gold-winning Team Canada. Damphousse's experience: he talks on RDS. This isn't the time for experiments. Our last 2 player GMs (Houle and Gainey) didnt turn out splendidly. They had an utter lack of ability to evaluate players values.

I want someone who has proven he knows how to evaluate players effectively in order to be able to sign player's at their true worth and to make beneficial trades.

Damphousse could be a Savard or Lamouriello or he could be another Houle and end up trading Price for a couple 2nd liners and a crap goalie. You willing to take that chance?

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