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Originally Posted by MM425 View Post
Every team has players that they lose that make them regret it one day. Only in Montreal and Toronto are these moves scrutinized as heavily as they are.
And both of those teams have made HUGE mistakes. Toronto is bashed for a reason, Kessel for two high firsts, Rask for Raycroft. Still, I don't think Toronto wasted assets like Montreal did. Not nearly as much.

Let me go through the list of players I am assuming you are thinking about:

McDonaugh - This was a horrible, horrible trade all around. No denying that. We got burned big time.

Grabovski - Had to go. Went AWOL on the team more than once and was a locker room cancer.

Sergei K - See Grabovski.
Because they were treated like crap. It's the chicken or the egg. With the management we had and their track record at treating players properly, and seeing what happened with Grabo and SK who have absolutely no problems with their respective teams... I'd have more of a tendency to blame the management here.

But I guess moving to another team made them mature instantly.

Lappiere - Demanded a trade. Also, players like Lappiere are a dime a dozen.
Because of being misused by Martin who didn't want players like Lapierre on the team. But agreed, I'm not crying over Lapierre. But you'll notice that Lapierre went with (who was it, anaheim?), and it didn't work at all, and then he was flipped for an even bigger return. How does that happen ? Asset management being terrible is what's what.

Lattendresse - Is injured all the time, barely played at all the past two seasons.
That does not make the trade any less bad.

O'Byrne - Was given lots of chances in my opinion and could just never get over the hump. I like the guy but he is a bottom pairing NHL defenseman at best guys like him are a dime a dozen.
Agreed, O'byrne is meh.

Halak - We have Price and if Eller continues to progress than I don't think anybody will be complaining about this trade for much longer. Eller is a PLAYER.
A player that isn't being given a role he should grow into. Eller shouldn't be a 3rd line guy playing with garbage players all the time. We have misused him BADLY so far. I would understand if we didn't have wingers to give him, but at the start of the season we had tons of wingers for all first 3 lines. AK was doing great with Eller and they were separated for no reason. That's the type of stuff that hinders the offensive progression of young players like Eller.

Eller, Weber, Diaz are all guys who we really screwed with this season with the way we handled them. We were trying to do that with Emelin at the beginning too, but he rose above it because he's actually experienced and has a lot of talent. Still, I bet he would have done better with another team. I bet all of these players would have done better. I remember before being canned, Martin blaming the young players like Diaz, Weber and Emelin despite the fact they were doing as great as humanly possible for players of their age/experience under the circumstances.

So what exactly are we complaining about here? Other than McDonaugh which is certainly depressing.
We're complaining about the returns mostly. And hopefully the new management will be the one stealing good young players away for nothing in the future, and our coach will have the good sense to use them properly. Hopefully the next coach has a secure enough spot that he can do what's best for the team beyond the very next game.

Roster turnover happens in the NHL folks.
How do you explain that with one of the best drafting record in the NHL over the past 10 years - certainly top 5, possibly even the best - we have so little to show for it ?

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