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11-18-2003, 04:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Oi'll say!
I'm going to go with Ovechkin on the original question, and yes that's based mostly on the fact that he's playing against men.

Crosby's 5-11, 183 lbs is enough to give him equal footing or even a slight edge in junior, but guys who physically dominate in junior are often overwhelmed by pros. Some of the stuff that he has success at in the q could get him punked in the nhl, a-la Eric Lindros.

Ovechkin is battled tested against fully mature professionals and should be physically ready for the nhl right from his first shift onwards. Advantage Ovechkin.

This is strictly in a have-to scenario. As a gm you take the "can't miss" guy, Ovechkin is closer to having proven that he will at least become a bonafide first line player than Crosby is.

On a hunch, or a gut feeling, Crosby is just rippin' it up man. Someone dissed the idea of focusing purely on stats earlier in this thread but the final score in every game is the only thing that matters. Sid is an offensive juggernaut right now and Ovechkin is just doing very well.

As a gm in a fantasy hockey pool I'd take Sid first, imo he has more potential to put up stupid numbers.
Crosby does not do ala Lindros stuff, he does not cut across center and does not stickhandle with his head down. Instead he uses his mind on the ice to create chances he is the smartest player in the junior ranks IMO. IMO I don't think Ovechkin is already proved that he can be a bonafide first line player, he would have to show the ability to adapt to the North American game 1st, just because he is doing well in a mens league does not mean that he is automaticly a NHL star because the game are very different. Crosby is proving himself in the North American style game and Ovechkin is proving himself in a mens league but a Euro style game, both leagues have something over one another here. This is the reason guys like Tuomo Ruutu are not dominating right from comming from a mens league because sometimes players have trouble adjusting to the North American style game (I think each player will have his adjustment time).

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