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Originally Posted by 210 View Post
No, they weren't. What was released (and not even on that day ) was the Clear Day roster, which is nominally the players that are eligible to play the remainder of the season. Here is the WorSharks list:

Now, you will note on that page the section called "Players in Residence but not on the Clear Day list", which contains four names. Two of those players, Jack Combs and Tony Lucia, have played in most of the games since then because players on the Clear Day roster can be replaced because of "injury, recall or suspension".

If you look through this thread you'll find at least one instance where I said that the sniffles and hang nails count as injuries. For all intents and purposes the Clear Day roster is meaningless.

Now if you are implying that Marcou isn't eligible because he missed the same roster deadline that Wingles was missed, you're wrong again. That deadline is specifically for players coming from the NHL roster to be eligible for the AHL playoffs. Marcou, because he hasn't been pronounced fit to play since the beginning of training camps, hasn't been officially assigned to any roster yet so he's not bound by that rule. And in any case, even if he were (and I'm 100% certain he isn't because that's one of the things I asked back at the end of February when that deadline passed) he is still eligible to play in the remainder of the regular season as that's just the playoff roster deadline.

And going one step further, none of this has anything at all to do with this post:

He's not ready to go. And according to the WorSharks he isn't even close to being ready to go.

So you can spin and dodge your comment any way you'd like, but the crux of the matter is he's not coming back this season. And he's an RFA at the end of the season, so it's probably safe to say he won't be qualified and his Sharks career is over.
Its nice to know that you think you are running the Sharks you are right on him not being assigned to a roster but did you ever think they might have agreed on a plan for his return.My main subject is that he has recoverd and it is nice to know that you no he will not be re signed by the Sharks if that was so they could of just sent him home already instead of rehabing him there in Wor. Also I just love how this gets you going

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