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11-18-2003, 04:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Ice Cream Man
Well, the market for potential UFA's was turned inside-out with the Konowalchuk trade. And Conroy, arguably a better player than Kono at this point in their careers, should expect a similar return.

A return for Conroy means equal or more value than in the Kono trade - especially for a top-six, great two-way, two-time Selke candidate making only $2 mill in Conroy.

I've said it once to you Devils fans and I'll say it again - a trade involving Conroy and Gomez as the principles in a deal is not that far off. Lou has been rumoured to be interested in COnroy and the game he brings on more than one occasion (remember the 2001/02 deadline).

And you know what? The stat of Gomez winning two cups is irrelevant, and that does not - I REPEAT, DOES NOT - increase a player's value, as you seem ot be implying Did Jim McKenzie's value increase after winning the Cup with Jersey last year? Don't think so.

I don't think anyone in their right mind, however, suggested Gomez and a pick for Conroy. The rumour is Conroy and a pick for Gomez.

Not quite! As someone who seems knowledgeable, that is a truly bad comparison. Gomez is a 2nd line center, while Jimmy Mac is a perennial 4th liner.

As for the reason of stating that Gomez has two rings, that was in response to a Calgary fan posting that the Devils might need Conroy to repeat. Devils have won two cups with Gomez has their 2nd line center. Furthermore, if Lou did make inquires about Conroy, I’m sure as soon as Sutter mentioned that it would take Gomez, Lou probably said thanks, but no thanks.