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Originally Posted by sm0ka47 View Post
Corsi stats are flawed. Its a lame stat used by message board GMs and hockey blog "analyst". Are you meaning to tell me that because of Matt Carle leading corsi among d-man that he is our top defenseman? Hell no.

By watching and trying to be a student of the game you will see that Matt Carle is a decent puck moving defensman. Overrated passer but isn't too bad. Very good using his stick defensively(underrated aspect of his game) and decent positionally. Struggles with bigger forwards and can make a critical mistake in his own zone. Not capable of QBing a PP and has a weak shot. Doesn't see shooting lanes too well. Corsi doesn't truly tell the players skill.

I don't like measuring a player off stats because they do net tell the whole story. I see them as just tools for fans to argue who is better because they cannot get deeply in depth with the game by seeing players roles and making a game to game report on he pros and cons of the players game and logically making an unbiased assessment. Watching closely and understanding hockey and the X's and O's will let you see whats going on. Am i saying i have more hockey knowledge? Hell no. After all this is just my opinion just like you all have yours. But i sometimes question if people really watch the game and know the game inside and out.

When did i say he is great defensively? Do you read? He isn't on the PK because there are players superior to him in that aspect.

Read on what the people in the organization are saying about him.
They are trying to expand his game. In practice they are playing him on the PK. Obviously that is some insight to what the organization sees into what he could possibly do in the future. If he doesn't have that in him why are they wasting their time then?
I think you are misunderstanding what Corsi is. And also Corsi is not the only advanced stat that can be used to evaluate a player. Obviously you cant just depend on advanced stats when judging a player, but in debates when you are trying to see which player is better or if a player is good, stats that see how hard of competition he plays, who he plays with, how many shots the other team has when he is on the ice vs. off, how many goals are scored when he is on the ice, are very important. Would you believe a guy who says "well I watch the game and he is a good player" or a guy who says "Well according to these advanced stats, this player is average". Now maybe you would agree with the person who's opinion is purely eye based, but myself, I would agree with the person who based his opinion on the stats provided. Maybe it is just because Im an engineer and work in an environment where facts matter, but that's just how I judge things.

Now on the Matt Carle thing, you need to take in ALL the stats when judging him. If you go by BSH, they pick specific stats that help them show he is a good player. But thats not the whole truth truth. Carle plays against pretty weak competition, and his corsi directly correlates to that. Timonen leads the team in all categories, which I think we all agree with has been our best defender this season.

Now on Rinaldo, the whole "he is praciting on the pk thing" I think came about during the article of the Eric Lindros thing correct? Other then that, there has been NO indication, other than in the beginning of the season when they said they would like to make Rinaldo into a pker, that he is on the pk. The article on the Eric Lindros thing also stated though that he was on the pk with other lower line players/scratches such as Bourdon, Gustafsson, Shelly, Wellwood, etc etc. In the AHL, they played him in one game on the pk, and after that never played him on the pk again. Rinaldo is what he is, a 4th line player who can agitate and hit people. I'll give him credit, he does a good job at it and has, for the most part, not taken stupid penalties. But it's unfair to the player when you start putting him in roles he has never played in before. Will in the future the Flyers may try him on the pk? Sure. But right now he isnt even getting looked at for pk time. Next season he will have to go against Giroux/Voracek/Wellwood/Holmstrom(if he resigns), for the last pk spot. He isnt going to outbeat Read, Couturier, and Talbot. Rinaldo is a player where, 5-7 minutes of icetime is where he should be at for his skill level. Yes, you need players to play rough and tough, but they arent a significant need such as clutch pker's or other players who bring a similar skillset to the team but include other parts on the resume. The Rinaldo on the pk almost sounds like one trying to get him something else on his resume so he doesnt see the bench.

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