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Originally Posted by ForzaZuffa View Post
Winning would help things greatly, we attracted some nice UFAs pre-lockout
We did not attract the top UFA's often settled for what was left injury prone vets from Roberts, Nieuwendyk, Mogilny and yes even Belfour who had off ice issues to go along with health that other teams weren't willing to pay them what the Leafs did.

People could deny it all they want both Toronto and Montreal is not a destination players want to come to because of the media and how they treat the team.

I remember years ago in a preseason game vs Detroit Belfour's first game in a Leaf jersey was lit up and the booing started. They interviewed Chelios during the intermission and he made a comment about how he shouldn't have signed with the Leafs with the way they the media and fans a like treat the players but he had no choice because nobody else was willing to risk going after him. Speaks volumes of how the players view Leaf land and the ones that do sign here are never the top dogs cause they know anywhere they go they will get there money and the guys that do sign here from Roberts, Nieuwendyk, Belfour, Blake and Connoly come here because they wont get the money anywhere else.

People could say that winning would solve this is a bunch of Baloney. The entire Quinn era was met with criticism even with the team as an 100 point team. Sundin was constantly blasted as he wasn't a leader, constantly hearing that MLSE doesn't want to win in that they wont spend the money to land the big fish etc...

Just take a good hard look at this year the team was winning sitting in god damn first place in the East just before Reimer came back from his injury and everything that was talked about was blasting the Leafs. It just doesn't stop and getting worst and worst each and every year.

It really is about time Toronto is allowed to have a media ban during and after game days to not allow them near the players.

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