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Originally Posted by YuioIklo View Post
Yeah, I know, but still I can't understand it. He has the bests moves and vision in the league.
When Laviolette used a reluctant Jagr earlier in the season, the reason given was a desire to try different players. However, after the same game, Jagr said ďNo, I didnít (want to participate). I donít want to shoot it Ė I donít want to do what I did." Judging by even earlier comments from this season, he seems to be tentative on the topic but Laviolette probably senses the dislike and hesitation.

From December:

ďI'm not saying Iím in big favor of it. Itís like back checking. I donít like back checking. Bleep! Itís part of the game.Ē

ďI didnít say I didnít want to be there, but I didnít bleeping come to coach and say, ĎHey coach, put me on.í Itís two different things. If the coach tells me to go, Iím gonna go. If you ask me to guarantee that Iím going to score, no I wonít guarantee anything. Nobody in the world can guarantee they will score. The best players probably 35 percent.Ē

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