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03-31-2012, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by BeaverSports View Post
The Sault wasn't an awful team, but it wasn't exactly a stellar team either. They were mediocre, the kid took a risk trading for a big-name goaltender and it didn't really change the fact they were a mediocre team. He paid a lot, but it was in futures, so time will tell. Campbell didn't stink there, but he didn't exactly light the league on fire either.

The team he played for in Windsor, however, was still fairly solid.

I think the Stars' expectations for Campbell were higher than they should have been going into the draft, and he's been about the prospect I expected him to be a decent goalie who may crack an NHL lineup some day and have some success, but not necessarily a can't-miss.

Here's the thing that bothered me and still bothers me about it. This is a goalie who didn't play a whole season with traveling and ups and downs, etc. before playing in the World Juniors the year they won gold, most of the looks any teams got on him were in short competitions and even then, the U.S. started Lee in the games that mattered even if Campbell was strong in relief. Especially at the goaltending position, the litmus test has to be more than a small sampling of games.

Add in the fact that you've already got Bachman and Besko in the system, it's a dumb pick unless you believe the kid can play at that peak level at all times because you've just devalued what you have.

I still would have taken Fowler, and if having him would have stopped that awful trade of James Neal that's even more reason to be concerned.
I get what you're saying here but I do disagree on a couple of parts.

Mike Lee was the starting goalie based solely on age. Lee was the 19 year old goalie at the time and Campbell was 17. The logical choice to start at the time was Lee, despite the fact Campbell had more ability. This point was proven throughout that tournament as Campbell took over the #1 role, even though Lee wasn't horrible really at all.

Also, in the draft, you should draft BPA. I doubt Stars management went into that draft saying to themselves, "Hmmm...we have Bachman and Beskorowany so let's not consider taking Campbell". At the time, Lehtonen was injury prone and the jury was out on both Bachman and Besko. IMO, Besko hasn't really proven much at all yet.

Again, to answer the original poster, it is simply way too early to tell. It's often difficult to judge a goalie by his statistics alone and to label Campbell a "bust" at the age of 20 is ludicrous.

I've always believed Campbell would be a better pro goalie than junior and we're about to find out. Give him some time and I think he will prove that he was a good #11 overall pick.

As for that Neal-Niskanen for Goligoski trade, I never understood why the Stars did that.

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