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11-18-2003, 06:17 AM
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Originally Posted by CREW99AW
Jonsson's their most consistent d-man.ask on any nyi board with halfway knowledgeable fans and KJ will get high marks.Isles are very leery of playing him if there's any question of a concussion.last yr he took a hit,got his bell rang and left the game.Isles kept him out of the next 2-3 games with headaches.He missed some games during the yr with a stiff neck.Isles are not looking to move Jonsson.They'd rather take 70-75 games a yr with him on the 1st line,then spare parts.

Aucoin's durable and can log a lot of mins,but that doesn't make him the nyi most talented d-man.Like Hamrlik,Aucoin will be a ufa in July 2005.Isles have been talking to Hamrlik's reps about an extension.No mention of locking big $ up on Aucoin.Hamrlik's not having a strong yr,not making a good case for getting his extension.We'll see.

Niinimaa's 2-3 yrs younger then Hamrlik/Aucoin and futher from being a ufa.He's not as steady as I expected.I thought he'd be another KJ.
we'll have to agree to disagree on Pothier vs. the nyi 5-7.Either way Pothier+ won't get any of the nyi top 4.
Well, it looks like I see the major source of disagreement. I've pictured the Isles defensive rankings as being as follows:
1) Hamrlik - I'm a big fan, and think's he doesn't get the appreciation he deserves.
2) Aucoin - I think he's a little over-rated, but you can't deny the minutes he eats up
3) Niinima - A notch below the other guys, but I've always thought of him as a good offensive d-man based on his Edmonton days
4) Jonsson - I've though about him as the guy bringing up the rear

From what you say, it sounds like the consensus is that Jonsson is actually higher up on the food chain, and therefore, probably a bit out of reach. I'm still not sold, but I'll keep an eye on him the next time I catch an Islanders game, and try to get a better evaluation of him.

As for whether Pothier+ would fetch anyone, again I'm not sold, but we ain't changing each other's minds. Maybe at a later date, we can evaluate what each player can command if they get traded this season, but otherwise, it's best to close the issue.

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