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Originally Posted by LadyCane View Post
Was he smoking in the room?
Yes, he was. I asked him to stop pretty much daily, but it was my fault that "I didn't have the right perspective" on the situation. He got a warning from me one day, and an indirect warning through me from our RA the following day. A couple days later, the RA ended up calling the Clemson police on him because it was getting out of control. And that is coming from the ********* dorm on campus, where the RA's don't care what you do and the hallways constantly smell of pot and alcohol. It was that bad that our RA actually had to do something about it.

Along with that, he didn't go to class much after a while as I said. He started staying up until 3-4 most nights and chose not to set an alarm, so I eventually stopped trying to wake him up for class when he wouldn't get up anyways. He'd typically smoke in the room a few times per day to the point that my room constantly smelled like either the smoke or some sort of spray (Febreze, Old Spice, smoke-out spray, etc), then would typically leave at night and go somewhere. He'd typically work his way back to the room by about 2AM and then start playing Super Smash Bros with his friends while I was trying to sleep, and I was basically stuck awake until he'd finally pass out for the night.

I'm just glad that his mom eventually found out on her own and that I'm in a better environment now where I am. I don't think I'd be sane if I were still rooming with the first guy.

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