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11-18-2003, 06:38 AM
Capt Tuttle
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Originally Posted by Oi'll say!
I'm going to go with Ovechkin on the original question, and yes that's based mostly on the fact that he's playing against men.

Crosby's 5-11, 183 lbs is enough to give him equal footing or even a slight edge in junior, but guys who physically dominate in junior are often overwhelmed by pros. Some of the stuff that he has success at in the q could get him punked in the nhl, a-la Eric Lindros.
They're completely different players! Lindros buries somewhat, but got away with it in junior because of his size. Crosby is a superb playmaker which is obvious by the points the kid puts up everywhere he plays. Players who see the ice that well seldom get caught.

The 'he's gonna be a bust' projections baffle me because he has done more at this age than a vast majority of players who ended up very good NHLers. As I've said before, his career so far reminds me of Gretzky more than any other player I can recall. I can still remember people sh*tting on Gretzky when he was that age saying he couldn't skate well enough, or he's too frail, or he won't get away with doing that in the NHL. Regardless, if he becomes a major star or not, I marvel over what he HAS done so far.

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