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11-18-2003, 07:12 AM
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Originally Posted by discostu
I think the current CBA is inflationary, and is pushing up salaries. I believe that a new CBA is needed to ensure the stability is needed. Unlike your accusations, I do not think the objective is to eliminate elite teams, but instead to give more teams the opportunity to reach the elite level.
There can't be more than a few elite teams. That's by definition. It is a zero sum game. For every winner, there must be a loser. For every elite team there must be a bottom feeder. The Discostu-NHL marketing system is to eliminate elite teams with a salary cap and then declare, "We haven't eliminated elite teams. We have just made more of them! Look! Everybody is elite!"

Redefining elite to mediocre plus cheapens the Stanley Cup and cheapens the game. That's the point. You haven't explained how this will improve the game or the quality of the entertainment.

Also, if this is not the objective of the owners, why isn't a settlement easy? Teams don't need a salary cap to get a bigger piece of the revenue pie. Compromise should be easy. The only reason a cap is essential is to break up the Avalanche, the Red Wings, the Stars. As long as they are great, other teams can't be great and that means tickets are tougher to sell elsewhere. That is the NHL "problem".

The NHL solution to their "problem" is to make sure nobody can be great. And you like that? You think it will be better if we pretend everybody is great? That's fine for people who are good at "let's pretend" but where does that leave the real hockey fan?


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