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03-31-2012, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by GORGO View Post
Keep it simple... Like the old "N Star" Jerseys- The Boston Bruins "B"- Montreal Canadiens "MC"-Toronto Maple Leafs "A Maple Leaf"- NY Rangers- "Rangers"... These are all simple jerseys that have a heck of alot of class IMO...Do you really think there are any players in the Wild locker room that feel any real Magic when they pull that "home red" Sweater over their head and hit the ice? They know they look like skating Christmas Trees... Now's the perfect time for Liepold to wipe the slate clean and start over once and for all..
Makes perfect sense to me, I been pretty much agreeing with what you have been saying this whole thread. I for one am ready for a uni change this next season.

That being said, of the 3 jerseys the team is using now, the only one I really like is the green one.

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