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04-01-2012, 02:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Frankenheimer View Post
As mentioned, Tampa Bay is the cut off point. We can do no worse than 8th.

Here are the scenarios

Games remaining:

Carolina (3 games): If they get a point, we can do no worse than 7th
Anaheim (4 games): If they get two points, we can do no worse than 7th, or 6th if Carolina gets a point
Islanders (4 games): If they get 2 (but I think 3) points, we can do no worse than 5th if the above two scenarios play out.

In summary, if Carolina gets a 1point in 3 games, Anaheim 2 points in 4 games, and Islanders 3 points in 4 games, then Habs are in the top five regardless of whether they win all three remaining games.

There's more:

Leafs (3 games): If they get 2 points, Habs cannot finish higher even winning out.

So Habs are in very good shape to finish top 4 no matter what they do. The positioning battle is pretty much between Minny, Edmonton and Montreal at this point.

And how's this to cap things off:

Minnesota (4 games) If Minnesota gets 2 more points in those 4 games
Montreal (3 games) and Montreal loses 2 more points in 3 games

Then Montreal cannot finish above Minny. Since I'm not good at math, I'll say the Habs have about a 90% chance of being in the top three at this point, with a decent chance at number 2.
Wednesday, April 4th home game vs Tampa
Thursday, April 5th in Carolina
Saturday, April 7th home game vs Toronto

It's a good thing we got back to back games cuz I'm afraid they'll come out strong against Tampa and Toronto... As for Carolina, Cole will prolly show off.. Too bad we can't face the Wings 3 times in a row.. Anyways, I hope we loose our next 2 games to then destroy and humiliate Toronto for the last game lol

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